Aging with Our Eyes Opened Part 2

A special thanks to Gail Stokes, editor of All About Seniors, and Steve Luck, a Silver Hair Legislator, who spoke to us today. We have two new resources to add to our toolbox!

Check out this website to find out more about South Carolina’s Silver Haired Legislature.

What a resource for the needs of senior adults! I did not even know this organization existed until today.

This organization was created:
* To identify issues, concerns and possible solutions for problems faced by the citizens of South Carolina, with special emphasis on issues related to seniors.
* To make recommendations to the Governor and to members of the SC General Assembly;
* To educate the public on Senior issues
* To encourage seniors to participate actively in public affairs;
* To function on a nonpartisan basis;
* To promote good government for all South Carolinians;
* To hold a Legislative Session annually

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